TFN Trading starts distribution of ALCATEL smartphones in the Baltic countries. 

TFN Trading is distributor of Alcatel smartphones in the Baltic countries

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ALCATEL OneTouch is a brand of TCL Communication company, which is in top-10 of the fast growing mobile vendors in the world.

Thanks to high quality of performance, simplicity of usage and reasonable prices for mobile and internet products, the brand is represented in more than 100 countries worldwide.

ALCATEL OneTouch has unique individuality. One of its priorities is to facilitate access to the modern mobile lifestyle, offering bright and convenient devices, equipped with all the necessary technologies at affordable price.

Manufacturer promises to bring to life customers’ dreams of unlimited communication with ALCATEL OneTouch!

TFN Trading is the official exclusive distributor of HTC products in the Baltics, Bulgaria, Hungary and Macedonia.

TFN Trading is distributor of HTC products in the Baltics, Bulgaria, Hungary and Macedonia

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HTC Corporation (HTC) was founded in 1997. The company is carrying out development, production and sales of innovative multi-functional smartphones and communicators.

Today HTC Corporation is the worldwide leader in the field of production of devices based on Microsoft Windows Mobile, mobile devices running Android and Windows Phone operating systems. Long-term relationship with technology leaders, such as Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm let them achieve a very important result: to create a comprehensive practice for user.

The company is aware of its responsibility and pays respect to people, environment and communities, in which the company’s activities are being carried out. Considering this, HTC's specialists are looking towards to producing innovative products.  

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