Kugoo Kirin Mini

Max. speed: 25 km / h;
Battery capacity: 6 Ah;
Motor rated power: 150 W;
Max. load: 100 kg;
Max. mileage: 10-15 km;
Wheel diameter: 5.5 inches;

  • Description

 Gone are the days when kids used to enjoy riding plastic scooters. Modern kids want elegantly crafted electric scooters with speed and power, like the Kugoo Kirin Mini. This top-notch electric scooter has quality features that make it a perfect choice for kids aged 7-13.

Aside from its incredible power, the Kugoo Kirin Mini is armed with excellent safety features that instil confidence in riders of all ages. This electric scooter comes with a solid yet ultra-light frame that can support up to 65 kg and withstand abuse from even the most rambunctious kids. It boasts a dual-braking system for an easy and convenient stoppage. Additionally, its handlebars and deck are padded with rough rubber to improve traction and enhance kids’ stability while cruising over various terrains.

Other exciting features include five-and-a-half-inch puncture-resistant rubber tyres that provide exceptional grip and water dispersion. The wheels also absorb shocks while riding on uneven and rough terrains, providing a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Kids can ride even in wet conditions thanks to the Kirin Mini electric scooter’s IPX4 water resistance rating.

No need to worry about portability, either, as Kugoo Mini 2 electric scooters come with a creative folding design that allows them to collapse into a compact product for more accessible storage and carrying.

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