Kugoo Kirin S8 Pro

Max. speed: 25 km / h;
Battery capacity: 6 Ah;
Motor rated power: 350 W;
Max. load: 100 kg;
Max. mileage: 20 km;
Wheel diameter: 8 inches;

  • Description

The maximum speed for this scooter is up to 25 kilometers per hour, but you can change gears, for example, the first gear limits the maximum speed to 9 km / h, the second - to 17 km / h, but the third already removes all restrictions, and you can accelerate to maximum speed.
The presence of a gear change is a good thing, you can be sure that the child will not accelerate beyond what is necessary.

For emergency braking, you can use pressing on the rear wheel, but it is worth remembering that this will wear out the wheel itself.
This type of braking is precisely emergency, it is not intended for everyday use. Brakes the scooter smoothly, it is almost impossible to fall during braking.


From what you may not find in other scooters, I will note two functions. The first is cruise control, when the on-board computer understands that you have picked up a certain speed, are moving in a straight line, and maintains it, there is no need to touch the throttle stick.
The second trick comes from electric vehicles: when the engine is not running, the battery is recharged. For example, you are driving down a hill, at this moment the battery is being charged. Due to such recharging, you can get additional operating time, this is a trifle, but it is pleasant.


Depending on how you ride and what terrain, the range will differ.
The maximum is 20 kilometers, but along city streets and parks you will get about 15-20 kilometers, taking into account different paths, obstacles and constantly changing speed limits.

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