Xiaomi Roborock S6

Battery capacity (mAh) - 5200

Suction power: 40W

Cleaning type: dry and wet.

Container type: for dust 0.48 l and for water 0.14 l

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Perform cleaning tasks efficiently

I will draw a map according to the cotton algorithm to divide the area and plan the harvesting path to clean. With the help of sensors, I can know the distribution of ground objects in the room, identify obstacles and plan a cleaning path in real time. In order to ensure the purge effect and purge efficiency, I will use the first Yanbian after the Z-shaped sweep path to complete the partition purge, effectively completing the purge task.

Automatic recharge and sweep resume

I scanned and positioned the charger seat with my own laser range sensor to determine its location on a map. When the room is completely cleared, I will automatically plan the shortest path back to recharge the charger seat. During cleaning on the road, if the electricity is below 20%, I can automatically return to charge the charger, when the power is up to 80%, I will return to the last unfinished place to continue sweeping to avoid re-cleaning.

Powerful battery

LG / Panasonic high energy density of 18650 lithium-ion batteries, capacity 5200 mAh, standard mode one maximum service life of about 2.5 hours, the largest cleaning area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 250 square meters, special design of the voltage constant current charging mechanism, can make sure the battery to a certain degree of discharge (depth of discharge) from a life cycle of up to 2 years, at the same time with automatic recharge of intimate function, can meet the needs of various areas of home cleaning.

Battery capacity (mAh) - 5200;

Working time (min) - 150;

Rated power (W) - 58;

Suction power (Pa) - 2000;

Cleaning area (sq. M) - 160;

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