Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp 1S

Lighting power - 9W

Color temperature - 2600-5000K

Color rendering index - Ra 90

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 Ideal for reading and desk work

MiHome Desk Lamp 1S has retained the overall design and dimensions of the body, while increasing the luminous flux by 73% to 520 lm compared to the previous generation of lamps. The illumination level in the center was increased to 1250 lux, which is 66% higher than that of the first generation lamps. The new generation fully complies with the most stringent requirements of the state standard in the field of workplace illumination.


No flicker at any brightness and temperature

В MiHome Desk Lamp 1S используется особый механизм управления освещением, полностью исключающий образование мерцания. Даже на низкой яркости обеспечивается надежность и контроль яркости, как при использовании традиционных систем с широтно-импульсной модуляцией, при этом лампа совершенно не мерцает и не утомляет глаза.


4 lighting modes for eye health

To create the right lighting for different occasions, the MiHome Desk Lamp 1S has 4 lighting modes, each of which is perfect for satisfying your need for good light without harming your eyes. For example, in the mode of maintenance of attention, the lamp with the help of "breathing" light can remind you to take a rest in order to increase work efficiency.


Support for control via voice assistants

MiHome Desk Lamp 1S is fully compatible with MiHome and Apple HomeKit ecosystems, so you can use a voice assistant for control. In addition, brightness and temperature can be freely adjusted with a simple rotary switch.



Weight (g)


Case material



162 x 162 x 479 mm

Service life

25000 h

Lighting power


Color temperature



Android 4.4 and above, iOS 9.0 and above

Color rendering index

Ra 90

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