Xiaomi Mi Smart Ceiling Light (450mm)

Color temperature from 2700K to 5700K

Service life almost 25000 h

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support

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 Add life to the right light

MiHome LED Ceiling Lamp boasts a color rendering index of Ra95. These high rates are found in museum lamps that can preserve and reproduce the natural colors of things, and now you can add such lighting to your life. The right lighting can help create a warm atmosphere to enjoy your favorite movie or book.


Illuminates every corner

MiHome LED Ceiling Lamp is equipped with 72 bright LED elements arranged in a special order, making the light soft and even. The luminaire is perfect for rooms up to 25 m² - living rooms, bedrooms and more. The one-piece aluminum base promotes rapid heat dissipation and extends the luminaire's lifespan to 25,000 hours.


MiHome app support

Using the MiHome app, you can set a delayed lamp off or on timer, turn on a nightlight mode, or set up interaction with other smart devices. For example, the lamp can turn off as soon as the Xiaomi Mi Band detects a given sleep phase, and now you do not have to crawl out from under the blanket to turn off the light..


Voice command support

It is possible to control the brightness and temperature of the MiHome LED Ceiling Lamp not only using the application. The luminaire can be set to three modes of operation with different brightness and temperature of light, which can be switched between using a conventional wall switch. In addition, control using the Yeelight remote control is supported, as well as voice control via the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker and Mi AI Speaker mini.


Remote control via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

To create a truly smart home, the luminaire can be configured to work seamlessly with other devices. For example, you can set the light on to open the front door or off to open the windows. By connecting a motion sensor, you can make the light automatically turn on when motion is detected. Moreover, a smart Bluetooth gateway allows you to connect devices to the Internet so that you can view the status of your smart home and each individual device from anywhere in the world.


Dust and insect protection

In conventional luminaires, the diffuser is separated from the body, so insects and dust can easily penetrate there. However, in the one-piece construction of the MiHome LED Ceiling Lamp, the diffuser is tightly fitted to the body, so that neither dust nor insects can get inside, and the lamp will retain its pristine purity and brightness.



450 x 75 x 27 mm


25,000 h

Lamp shape


Lamp diameter

45 cm

Lighting power

32 W

Colour temperature



Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.0 and above

Color rendering index

Ra 95

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