Xiaomi Dreame XR

Powerful cleaning, cord-free
5-step filtration captures up to 99.97% of particles

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Perfect for all types of houses

The Xiaomi Dreame XR is specially designed so that you can use it in all possible situations, that is why it has a reduced weight and size, as well as various heads, which allow you to use it on softer or harder surfaces, the walls, the holes of the sofa, etc. Especially thanks to the independent motors for the brushes. In addition, it achieves a purification rate of 99.9%, with 5 stages of dust filtering. And, thanks to its HEPA filter, it can capture particles down to 0.3µm. Dust mites won't be a problem either, as the XR vacuum cleaner is capable of removing 99.9% of the dust you have around the house.

Super suction power with four independent motors

Of course, one of the features Xiaomi Dreame XR vacuum cleaner stand out is its suction power. This due to its composition of 4 independent motors: a main motor, a large diameter motor for the main brush, another double spiral motor for the brush and a motor for the deep removal of mites. This motor system is capable of optimizing the effectiveness of the device, maintaining a stable and strong use of power, being able to handle any type of surface.

MES system with cooling system

It performs its function thanks to an exhaustive channel, achieving a real-time heat dissipation and ensuring the perfect working state of both the engine and the battery.


Battery: 2500 mAh


Weight: 1.5 kg


Nominal power: 450 W


Nominal voltage: 25.2 V

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